Slot Machine Sounds

If you’re looking to relive memories of stepping into a casino but can’t make the trip to your nearest casino, listening to this slot machine audio file, taken from the slot machine Book of Ra is sure to take you back to the last time you won big.

This audio file is a perfect replication of just what you hear while playing a slot machine. It begins with the familiar sound of cheerful slot music as the reels spin and lock into place. It includes the sound of hitting special pieces to various jackpots: you hear either angels singing or a special music clip that goes along with hitting part of the jackpot. The sound of a clock ticking indicates that the slot machine has entered a bonus round.

It also lets the listener hear what it’s like to hit the big jackpot and enter the bonus round. The reels tick by slowly at first, a cheerful chime is heard, and more angels sing before adventure theme music plays and the sound of a flipping coin greets the ears. The reels tick by faster and faster as the jackpot keeps spinning.

It’s not the same as entering a casino, yet the audio file is sure to remind any listener just what being there is actually like – and if you’re a gambler at heart, it’s sure to bring a smile to your lips.